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There's always been a special something about oriental Perfumes. They have a magical, almost addictive quality to them. They are exotic, sensual and incredibly alluring, and to no surprise, oriental fragrances remain ever popular amongst both men and women. Filled with exotic ingredients from Asia and the Middle East, oriental compositions are a medley of delicious spices, mystical woods and ancient golden resins. 

Famed for their longevity and extraordinary olfactory wealth these base-heavy compositions intertwine rich and creamy notes like vanilla, amber and tonka bean with bewitching florals of orris and heliotrope and indulgent spices like cinnamon and coumarin.

Often making great evening perfumes, the silky and elegant character of oriental fragrances mean they sit beautifully close to the skin and radiate an air of mystery and seduction. However, you don't have to wait until the sun goes down to appreciate the beauty of an oriental perfume, they are incredibly versatile, pairing beautifully with floral, woody and gourmand notes too.

Traditional oriental perfumes are very soft and aromatic, much like Perris Monte Carlo's Vanille de Tahiti. This new release from Perris Monte Carlo features intriguing notes of champaka and ylang ylang, atop of vanilla, amber and sandalwood, in a gentle symphony which celebrates the raw beauty of Vanille Tahitensis.


Oriental perfumes can also carry a more pronounced floral touch. These florientals like Maison Matine's Bain De Midi blend creamy floral notes like gardenia, jasmine and freesia, with the luscious spices and woods of the more traditional style, adding a radiant and extremely playful character to the fragrance.

The latest perfume from Atelier des Ors, Rouge Sâray, showcases the beauty and richness of oriental-gourmands. Combining dates and plum with sandalwood, heliotrope and patchouli, Rouge Sâray has an addictive intensity that is simply irresistible.

Woody and resinous notes also pair beautifully with oriental fragrances. Oriental-woody compositions like Mandala by Masque Milano fuse frankincense and myrrh with classic oriental notes to add an extra touch of depth, intrigue, and sensuality to the traditional oriental palette.

Spicy-Oriental fragrances gain an added richness and warmth to their formulations with the likes of cinnamon and clove. Plume Impression's Rivalite Imperial is a beautiful example of the spicy-oriental style, blending fruity notes with cinnamon, patchouli and tobacco, that is perfect for the fall season. See more in our Autumnal Fragrance Edit.

If you like the sound of oriental fragrances, there are some more great suggestions below; alternatively you can explore all our oriental fragrances by clicking here. If you need a little extra help in finding the right one for you, why not get in touch, and one of our experts will help you along the way.



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