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Malbrum conveys a strong taste for art, fashion and rough charming contrasts rather than perfectionism. Malbrum fragrances are organised in two volumes, neatly diverse though intimately connected by a common literature inspiration. Volume. 1 is called ‘Time Travel’ and Volume. 2 is called ‘The Jungle - Mystical, tropical wild’. Discover these two volumes in this extrait de parfum discovery set which contains 2ml samples of Psychotrope, Shameless Seducer, Tigre du Bengale, Bagheera, Safariyah and Wildfire.

Head Notes: Cypress, Elemi and Pimento Berries
Heart Notes: Incense, Saffron and Gurjun Balsam
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Styrax and Ambergris

Shameless Seducer
Head Notes: Sicilian Citrus and Aldehydes
Heart Notes: Mimosa, Cumin and Ambrette Seeds
Base Notes: Natural Iris, Musk and Civet 

Tigre du Bengale
Head Notes: Juniper and Cardamom
Heart Notes: Myrrh and Labdanum
Base Notes: Castoreum, Burley Tobacco and Patchouli

Head Notes: Blackcurrant Buds, Blackberry and a Truffle Accord
Heart Notes: Velvety Iris and Black Violet
Base Notes: Papyrus, Cedarwood, Suede and Leather

Head Notes: Tropical Fruits, Litchi and Red Tangerine
Heart Notes: Milk, Magnolia and Neroli
Base Notes: Sandalwood and Musk

Head Notes: Black Pepper, Shinus Molle and Peppermint
Heart Notes: Pimento, Nutmeg and Cloves
Base Notes: Amber, Costus, Incense, Patchouli and Vanilla

Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set
Discovery Set