Lost in Translation Mini

Size: 15ml Eau de Parfum


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The fabulous, fragrant fun continues at Maison Matine in Paris with the introduction of the ‘REFRESH’ collection, consisting of three exciting new fragrances. This fragrance is composed of natural origin and vegan ingredients and supports the ‘zero plastic’ objective, with the new cap made of recycled cork and rubber. If you think the bottles graphics are sensational, just wait until you try this electrifying fragrance! Lost in Translation is the revelation of an unknown landscape thanks to a daring accord of smoky, aquatic and metallic notes.

Notes from the Playground

Inspired by the phrase ‘this is the first day of the rest of your life’ Lost in Translation opens with bright accords intermingling with violet leaves and the intense freshness of juniper. Our leap into the unknown continues as warm rosewood and spicy black pepper softened by white tea creates a truly inspiring blend. Always enthusiastic and daring to try new ideas this contemporary composition takes another turn introducing rich patchouli, deep drywood, and tobacco which blend into luxurious leather and cloudy musk’s.

Olfactory Composition

Perfumer: Laurent Marrone
Head Notes: Clean Accords, Violet Leaves and Juniper
Heart Notes: Rosewood and Drywood, Black Pepper and White Tea
Base Notes: Patchouli, Drywood, Tobacco, Leather and Cloudy Musks

Lost in Translation Mini
Lost in Translation Mini
Lost in Translation Mini
Lost in Translation Mini